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Lately: [Apr. 15th, 2008|11:44 pm]
[disposition |sleepysleepy]

 Spring has sprung!  It hasn't even been raining much here!

Last weekend I went to New York City to hang with Amy and Brendan.  It was complicated?  But really really awesome!  Shopping excersion with Amy, Pink Berry (yuuum!), Ethopian food, cute city-spring breakfast, long walks and subway rides, lots and lots and lots and lots of galleries in Chelsea, a cupcake!, exhausted grocery shopping, Ted and watercolors and crayons at Columbia, mac and cheese and crazy salad and dr. pepper cake for dinner, hives?, looooooong talks...wake up for talking again, the strand bookstore in the Village, aaaaaand another lonely busride hoooome.

I HAVE SO MUCH ART TO DO. aaaaaaaaaaah!

I'm coming home for summer in 3 weeks?

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nevis, summer work, etc. [Mar. 25th, 2008|03:29 pm]
[disposition |chipperchipper]
[tunes |masonface]


Nevis was just lovely.
I'm excited to report my summer plans!  I just got this great internship with the Concord Art Association.  I'll be working at this cute gallery in Concord center learning to do sales, business and management stuff, hang exhibitions, and help with the classes there.  I'll work there Tuesdays and Thursdays and some Sundays.  On Sundays I'll be in charge of the place, too, handling sales and everything!
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I'll be doing arts and crafts at the camp, but that doesn't start until late June.

Anyone know of a good place to do some part time waitressing for the summer?  Preferably in the Sudbury-Concord area?

I volunteered at a youth shelter last night and it ruled.
I think I'll go on a bike ride today!  It's beautiful out!
Happy (sort of) Spring!

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'cause it's a long way, the clouds upon our backs [Mar. 19th, 2008|12:43 am]
[disposition |sleeeepy]
[tunes |antje duvekot]

1.so i went to nevis and it ruled!  except i lost my camera on the way home.  at least i took polaroids, but i haven't been able to scan those yet.

2.right now i'm in a good mood, but i'm generally super frustrated! i'm frequently pretty grumpy.  i'm glad i'm going home this weekend for easter and recharging., that i get to see friends! it's been a while.

3.tonight i painted water colors for my friend, ellie, for her birthday.  it was really nice and i realized that i haven't been making art for myself in ages.  i usually don't mind the assignments for my two classes, but tonight i remembered how nice it is to not be stressed about it.  i'm going to try to do that more, it made me feel better.

4.i can't wait for spring and summer!  sooooooo badly.

5.i also love penpals! :)
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Just some thoughts: [Feb. 25th, 2008|12:47 am]
[disposition |eh]

 I miss a lot of things right now.  I miss spring and summer badly, a feeling that always overtakes me this time of year.  Usually March is the hardest month to make it through, but I think February was this time around.  In March I'll be on vacation and home a lot.  
I miss getting in my car and listening to music loud and singing and just driving alone -- I miss doing more things by myself.  
I miss thrifting and wearing dresses and cuter things!  It's weird, but what I wear now is much less creative than it used to be.  Maybe I feel intimidated.  Although, on the other hand, I have been influenced by hip Skidmore girls; I've actually started wearing shirts tucked into my jeans, something I never thought I'd do.
What silly things to write about!  They were just bouncing around my head today.
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Sunday non-secrets [Feb. 17th, 2008|02:55 pm]
[Current Location |kimballs]
[disposition |comfy]

I'd been having a really hard time back here at school, but things seem like they're really turning around, which rules.  I feel a lot better.
I have taken up knitting, which also rules, and I do it when I talk on the phone every night.  It's relaxing.
On Valentines Day I got grilled cheeses in the mail.  Cheesy, but in a good way!  (Also labelled "not for human consumption.")
This weekend there was this big contra dance festival with lots of other kinds of dancing in Saratoga.  Brendan and I saw Shara Pilch, people watched, learned how to waltz, and how to do the charleston!

Just in case you were wondering what some of my friends were like at school...(check out the weird looking, nerdy girl on the bottom left)
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i sailed a wild, wild sea, climbed up a tall, tall mountain [Jan. 28th, 2008|05:16 pm]
[tunes |good old kathy video chatting :(]

Being back at school has been fun so far.  Except for the part on Friday where I put my phone through the washing machine at 5 in the morning.  Much drinking had occured prior to this tragic incident (obvi).  It was under warrantee and such so I should have a new one by Wed or Thurs.
It's crazy how much I rely on my phone and, although in the past I've felt kind of free without one, it really sucks right now.  Those other times I had the house phone to use, but now I'm completely cut off and it blows.  Especially because a certain person is in Philadelphia and I am incommunicato right now.  
I've been trying to be super social and it seems to be going well.  It's weird, though, here, because it's kind of cliquey and I feel a bit like a floater, stuck in the middle, trying to hang on to everyone at the same time.
I'm also getting more involved in things at Skidmore, which really good.  I think I'll be happier this semester because of that.  On one hand, it was nice to have a break from doing so much first semester, but I think over all it made me feel like I was wasting a ton of time.  I'm going to be on the board for this club, Benefaction, the volunteer group, and am also going to start tour guiding, along with my work study which takes up 9 hours a week.
Another thing that has made me feel a lot better is that I've gotten into the habit of going to the gym almost every day and have been eating much healthier.
I am pretty stressed out about figuring out a summer job, though.  Any ideas?  I got a job offer as a Field Manager and canvasser for th DNC in Boston, but I'm not sure.......There's also a couple unpaid internships I'm pursuing and would probably just waitress part time also.
Anyway, yesterday I painted a huge picture of Hannah Taylor's face for our Drawing class and I really like it.

This was my final project from last semester:


It's about my transition into college -- looking from the end of the summer into my new life.  about 2.5 (?) feet wide.

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I just wanna curl up in my bed and snuggle! [Dec. 6th, 2007|12:11 am]
[disposition |brrr]

It's winter!  It's sooooo cold here and it snowed a little today.
I can't believe the semester's almost over.  I'm looking forward to coming home for a while! 
Top priorities for winter break:
making dinner and breakfast and lunch lots, preferably with another person
mooooovies (wisdom teeth are coming out!)
friendies every day
eskimo kisses
I'm really stressed out with work and I'm having a hard time starting things.  I get too overwhelmed and sleep instead?  I should stop that.  I should work on my Indian lit paper due tomorrow.  Gah.
One thing that's really good!  I thought we were going to have to put Boomer to sleep, but we don't!  He tore his other ACL, or whatever the canine equivelant is, and he'll probably have to get surgery again.  Poor thing, my dad has to carry him upstairs!
I'm listening to Jeff Buckley in the library and it's so cold!  It's going to close on me soon.
Even though I'm stressed, I'm in a good mood.  That's probably 'cause I got a card in the mail today!
Goodnight, Moon.

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i am thankful for: [Nov. 22nd, 2007|02:29 pm]
[disposition |okiedokieartichokie!]

the woods and walking
really awesome parents
hugs, cheeks, noses instead of phone calls
olive being the best roommate and skidmore friend ever!
kayla being here too!
foooooooooood, cooking
seeing home friends and having it be the same!
all the christmas lights and are up at skidmore
loving skidmore!
the, like, 60-70 people that'll be at my house tomorrow night!? what!?
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falling fast you stoop to touch and kiss the flowers that bend... [Sep. 17th, 2007|09:09 pm]
[disposition |aaaaargh]
[tunes |harvest breed]


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...looking out at the grey and orange, green grass at your feet. [Sep. 12th, 2007|09:28 pm]
[disposition |procrastination]
[tunes |innocence mission]


college is strange.  it's awfully lonely sometimes, but it's awfully fun sometimes too.  everyone here smokes cigs all day, everywhere.  my advisor, also my seminar proffesor, is one of the most thoughtful, insightful people i've ever met.  my roommate, olive, is one of my favorite people i've ever met and my closest friend here.  i've been trying to cover all my wall space because white walls make me lonely.  i've been doing a lot of my homework in my windowseat.  it's stifling in my dorm.  i can't stand being as messy as i am at home so i'll go on a cleaning spree.  i've sent a whole lot of mail and recieved mail almost every day.  brendan is coming for my birthday next weekend, and i'm so excited that i'll have a familiar face of someone i love around here.  i just want it to feel like i have a home.

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so what happens after the epilogue, you may ask? [Jul. 30th, 2007|10:40 pm]
[disposition |waaaaiiiiting...]
[tunes |a little bag of cocaine]


check it out!! :]
(spoiler alert!! what happens to our favorite witches and wizards!)

thank you, j.k.  thank you.
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hp madness [Jul. 17th, 2007|05:12 pm]
[tunes |night flight, jeff buckley]

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i've become a homebody, kind of. [Jul. 8th, 2007|11:41 pm]
[disposition |alright]
[tunes |sunset soon forgotten]

Film developed.

Crane Beach, July fourth

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the stars for the sea are the same for the land, and we came to learn the sea. [Jun. 12th, 2007|05:24 pm]
[disposition |sweetsweet]
[tunes |lots and lots of dar lately]

Things are pretty cool!
I graduated from high school, how bizarre.  
Been seeing lots of friends all the time, and doing silly things with them.  I like small groups and am really enjoying just hanging around on porches and drinking beer, kitchen floor picnics with TABOO!, smoking in playgrounds and sliding down slides and running around, or goofing around in treehouses until it got all weird, haha.  
High school's over, and for so long it was hard 'cause I felt pulled along, out of breath.  But  I feel like I can finally get my feet under me.  I can stand here and take a deep breath and look around, laugh with friends, evaluate what's going on around me and understand things better. 
I still get upset sometimes, and things aren't perfect, but I think they're not supposed to be.  I wish we had all the answers, but we don't and that's okay, as long as we keep looking.
It's strange feeling like a real person sometimes, thinking about college and being on my own, and then after!?  I expected to feel so much more sad than I did about leaving L-S, but I'm fine.  I have the summer with everyone and all the time in the world after that with people I care about.
Growing up?  I can feel it more lately, it feels easier.  But maybe that's just because I'm not really forced to actually go anywhere yet.  Brendan (yeah, name drop!) and close friends are helping so so much.  Dealing with the tougher things sucks, but we have to and it means we are real.
Looking forward to trips and things!  New York City on Saturday - Brendan, MoMA, Josh Ritter.  Delaware in August with the Gilroys.
I've been going through lots and lots of old pictures online...
I stole a bunch of them from various people.  In no particular order:

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mr blue, don't hold your head so low that you can't see the sky [May. 8th, 2007|10:45 pm]
[disposition |stressed, happy though]
[tunes |catherine feeny]

This is what I did today:

Early, early before I went to bed, I stayed up doing work.  It was okay, though, ‘cause I had motivation and long distance company.

I wore a sundress with red sandals and a jean jacket with the sleeves rolled up in celebration of the beautiful weather.  It was funny ‘cause last year around this time I always used to wear a dress with a jean jacket, too.

Went to Starbucks and bought a venti iced passion tea, which is the most beautiful pink color.

Jonny completely took me out!  He didn’t see me and I was walking through the courtyard to the parking lot, and he was trying to catch a frisbee.  He came out of nowhere and SMASHED into me, and we both fell flat onto the pavement!  I think his knee hit me really hard in the thigh, or something, too, ‘cause I have a horrible charlie horse.  I’m just glad it was someone I knew, at least.  Good thing I’m not some little twig of a thing, too.  I’d be dead!

I went to Haley House with Norah and Becky.  The music was really nice, and the doors were open and the sun was shining and the breeze was coming through the doors.  The people were really sweet today, and some fun songs came on and we danced.  There was this one that I didn’t recognize, but it was about summer, and it was soft and lovely.  I was by the sinks and could feel the warm breeze blowing my dress a little and it was a perfect moment.


I AM going to finish this history paper tonight if it kills me!!  I won’t have it hanging over my head any longer!


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when our kite lines first crossed, we tied them into knots [Apr. 30th, 2007|11:05 pm]
[disposition |missing and annoyed]
[tunes |philly 06 mix]

things are so fucking wierd right now! i have so much to dooooooo. what the hell?  i have this underlying feeling of anxiousness, but i think if i can get through the next couple weeks and finish those things and not spontaneously combust or anything...it will be smooooth sailing.
at least i know i won't be so grumpy anymore.
i'm done with school this month.  wierd? wierd. but i'm ready.  maybe not ready to go off yet, SO not ready yet. at least in a bunch of ways.  i just want summer.  or things to feel like summer.  and it's so close, i can almost taste it.

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woohoo! [Mar. 24th, 2007|05:27 pm]
[disposition |psyched!]

I got the Atkinson Scholarship!!
It helps SO MUCH and I'm SO HAPPY.
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icy canolis, bushes, and turtles [Mar. 10th, 2007|11:36 pm]
[tunes |bob]

Today was lovely.
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running, returning [Feb. 28th, 2007|11:37 pm]
[disposition |sleepyhead]
[tunes |mix]

ive been feeling super antsy and anxious and frustrated lately.
im so afraid i am just getting my hopes up or nothing.  expectations are never ever a good thing.
plus, why do certain people have to be such jerks all the time??  sheesh.
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2007|07:35 pm]
[disposition |sheesh]
[tunes |lesbian music agaaaain]

good lord! what a weekend!
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